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Hannibal and

+: Chuck Palahniuk, Hemingway,
screenwriting, literature,
Studio Ghibli, cats, and Danish films featuring a certain Danish life ruiner.

pro-will graham freeing himself

mourning beverly katz

dean!girl + team free will

semi-hiatus --
class is back in session

hello, stars.


Desperate Housewives (S1);
Hannibal (S2); Modern Family (S5); Parks and Recreation (S6); Pushing Daisies (S2);
Supernatural (S9); The Voice (S6)




The Things They Carried
by Tim O'Brien

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮


White Lighter - Typhoon ♫

family is going to be here in t-minus 60 minutes and I cannot find my motivation to change out of my pajmas

June  16   ( 12 )

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